Lightning Shall Strike

Lightning Shall Strike by [Simmons, Linda Kay]

by Linda Kay Simmons

The fine lines between reality, imagination and madness are finely interwoven around the characters in Linda Kay Simmons’ new novel, “Lightning Shall Strike”. These interactive perceptions are no better demonstrated than in the character of Mamie, who believes she is in touch with the hereafter, and are vividly drawn in the rigid, religiously induced attitudes of her community. This story; both tender and shocking, makes the reader wonder where the well of insanity began. It’s a book that will make you think.

(Ginny Brock. Author of “By Morning’s Light.”)

Thaddeus Simpkins, dark master of his household and esteemed elder in the church, rules his family in accordance with the Waters of God Believers’ doctrine. Thaddeus’s siblings, and the orphan Mamie, live beneath his roof and under his oppressive rule. Lightning Shall Strike explores the depth of hidden needs and desires of those who were not allowed to choose, and the choices they are forced to make in order to survive. Set against the backdrop of rural Virginia, Lightning Shall Strike spans a half-century of the Simpkins family. Simmons manages to portray the many ways lightning shapes the lives of her unforgettable characters. Linda Kay Simmons is the author of Cahas Mountain.

Lightning Shall Strike pulls at the boundaries of desire and despair where love stubbornly persists and beauty shines through. Linda Kay Simmons is the author of Cahas Mountain and Claudine Evolution of a Redneck Goddess. She makes her home at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.


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